Most women already know that eyebrows play the main role in the face! Well-groomed eyebrows it is not just tweezing of excess hair. It is important to understand that the correct shape of the eyebrows makes face harmonious and proportional, while the incorrect form can make a person look angry or amused. Therefore, your eyebrows should be trusted only to professionals who can appreciate the proportions and shape of the face and understand what form of eyebrows will be the most advantageous for you!

We draw eyebrows for more than 12 years! Who if not us, knows better how to make your eyebrows perfect! Our experience in permanent make-up, enables us to draw your eyebrows accurately and quickly!

In our center there are many modern treatments for the eyebrows and eyelashes. Read the description of the procedures in separate sections. For some treatments is possible to buy Subscriptions (brow dyeing with Henna, Eyelashes ceratin lifting and Eyelash extension). See the price for Subscription below.

TreatmentTreatment's time Price
Bio dyeing with Henna (Brow Henna)60 - 75 min30 EUR
Classic eyebrows correction (tweezing and tinting/without tinting)30 - 40 min15/10 EUR
Eyebrows' kerating lamination60 - 75 min70 EUR
Eyelashes keratin lifting YUMI LASHES60 min70 EUR


Eyebrows tinting with HENNA

Henna BROW HENNA provides optimal eyebrows and skin dyeing with permanent effect. A rich palette of natural shades, which can be used separately, and combining with each other, gives a perfect combination with any skin type and hair color.

Recovery eyebrow growth by 60%
Due to natural substances Henna takes care of damaged and weak hair, strengthening them with each procedure and restores the natural shape of the eyebrows. For more expressive and attractive look!

Try coloring eyebrows using Brow Henna, if you want to:

  •     restore eyebrows;
  •     to correct the asymmetry;
  •     to achieve stable color and long-term effects of groomed brows.

In addition Brow Henna is ideal for those who wants to try eyebrows permanent make up, but did not dare. Brow Henna result stays on the skin from 5 to 14 days and gradually fades, keeping the tone. Colour on the hairs is retained up to 6 weeks.

Achieve consistent permanent make up Eyebrows effect with natural henna. You'll like it! The procedure can be repeated after 2-6 weeks.

Eyebrows bio dyeing ( with Brow Henna) 60 - 75 min30 EUR
Subsciption for treatments (during one year):
  • for 8 treatments
  • for 6 treatments

144 Eur
120 Eur


Eyebrows lamination YUMI BROWS

Eyebrow lamination is a new procedure with which you can shape your eyebrows, fix it in the right direction, emphasize the brightness of the color. The use of professional cosmetics Yumi Brows ensures safety, and the use of drugs without ammonia and other toxic components ensures the absence of allergic reactions. Special composition fills hairs with vitamins and natural trace elements, making them more attractive and well-groomed.

In addition, it protects against adverse environmental factors.

Yumi Brows will allow:

  • make long-term styling;
  • correct incorrect growth;
  • avoid rapid loss of color (includes coloring eyebrows paint Yumi Tint
  • significantly reduce the time for daily care.
Eyebrows ceratin lifting YUMI BROWS 70 EUR
Subsciption for treatments (during one year):
  • for 8 treatments
  • for 6 treatments

320 Eur
270 Eur


Ceratin Lifting for eyelashes YUMI LASHES

YUMI Lashes - eyelashes' ceratin lifting which allows to lengthen the lashes without extension and increase their natural curl.

YUMI Lashes - a successful combination of the latest, innovative technology with absolutely safe components.

This procedure does not have a negative impact on the lashes, but rather strengthens the structure, thanks to nutritional components included in the product.


Eyelashes ceratin linting YUMI LASHES 70 EUR
Subsciption for treatments (during one year):
  • for 8 treatments
  • for 6 treatments

320 Eur
270 Eur


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