Sharp lips contour with half or full shadowing – this is classical permanent make up for the lips.

But maybe you do not like to use bright lipsticks and contour pencils but prefer transparent glosses? Then aquarelle fulfilling technique is made right for you! Soft filling with colour of natural tone (beige, peach, pinkish) this is what can give to your lips freshness and healthy look without artificiality for a long period of time. 
Nature didn’t give you full lips? This is so simple to correct-soft highlighting with special colour over upper lip gives volume and sensitivity.

It is possible to combine several techniques for getting maximal attractive effect.

ATTENTION! Another specialists (not from our center) work refinement or correction is considered by primary procedure and cost full price.
ATTENTION!You cansign up forthe procedureoutsidecenter's working hours by prior arrangement. In this case 25% is added to standardfull price.

 Nadežda Deržnikele
other technicians
Consultation (test on allergy, preliminary design, shape and color selection, explanations) 20 Eur20 Eur
Primary procedure (contour with partial or full filling, aquarell soft colouring)

+ illumination over the top lip


250 Eur


+ 50 Eur 


200 Eur

+50 Eur

Korekcija (pēc mēneša) 50 Eur50 Eur

Refinement for quality maintaining:


200 Eur

150 Eur