Simmetric, soft shaded eyebrows with correct shape – they play main role in surrounding people perception of your emotional individuality. Sharp and fully coloured eyebrows even with correct shape can give to the face “heaviness” and rudeness.

That’s why “hair by hair” technique became very popular. For those ones, who has no or not many hairs on eyebrows, it is possible to combine several tones of one colour, pretending to draw hair and shadow of this hair. But for bright blondies or red-hair brunettes3 coloured technique is used, when we draw through the shape several hairs of blond or copper colour. Highlighting under eyebrows makes view fresher, and gives visual lifting effect.
During the consultation we definitely inform you about all the possibilities of treatment and suggest most suitable decision exactly for you.

ATTENTION! Another specialists (not from our center) work refinement or correction is considered by primary procedure and cost full price.
ATTENTION!You cansign up forthe procedureoutsidecenter's working hours by prior arrangement. In this case 25% is added to standardfull price.
  Nadežda Deržnikele

other technicians

Consultation (test on allergy, preliminary design, form and color selection, explanations) 20 Eur20 Eur
Primary procedure
  • hair by hair technique or combined technique (hair by hair + shading)
  • shading technique (ombre, pixel, powder, spraying)


300 Eur


250 Eur



250 Eur


200 Eur

Final treatment after one month (correction)
 50 Eur50 Eur

Refinement for maintaining the quality:

200 Eur

150 Eur


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