That time, when permanent make up specialist could offer to the client only black eyeliner drawing, is passed. It could become great problem after deformation of the shape and degradation of the colour. Modern colourants and equipment allows create light shaded effects, which only make up artists could use before.

We always start with eyelash enhancer, but it is so simple. Maybe you like to use calm eye shadows of different tones to enhance eye shape or colour? Then I can offer to you pixel or soft shadowing with soft natural tones of grey, brown, olive, lagoon or even unusual mustard colour.
Do you like to use beige pencils or shadows with pearl effect? Even for you we can find decision - transparent highlighting colour shadowing will “open” the look and make it fresher, gives pearl effect.

ATTENTION! Another specialists (not from our center) work refinement or correction is considered by primary procedure and cost full price.
ATTENTION!You cansign up forthe procedureoutsidecenter's working hours by prior arrangement. In this case 25% is added to standardfull price.
 Nadežda Deržnikele
other technicians
Consultation (allergy test, design make up, explanations)  20 Eur20 Eur
Eyelash enhancer (only top)150 Eur
100 Eur
Initial treatment (eyeliner style or soft shaded eyeliener):
  • classic small eyeliner, only top or
  • wide eyeliner, only top

  + shading or illumination
  + bottom line





250 Eur



+ 30 Eur
+ 30 Eur




150 Eur


+ 30 Eur
+ 30 Eur

Final treatment after month (correction)
   50 Eur50 Eur

Refinement for quality maintaining:


during 3 years period



150 Eur



100 Eur

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