Micropigmentation procedure consists of three stages:

  1. Consultation

During the consultation I necessarily answer all the questions you will be interested in. Together we will choose the pattern form and the color of the selected dye, as well as perform an allergy test. The mentioned test has nothing to do with the „harmful” pigment nature, but it shows a serious professional approach to the whole precedure. It is known that allergy is one of the common diseases worldwide, that can be caused by even innocuous substances. This makes the allergy test a binding necessity, which will secure you from possible nuisances.

  1. Primary procedure

Read about the course of primary procedure HERE (latv.lang.)

  1. Retouch

Sometimes the result of the procedure may be satisfactory even after the first time, but in the majority of cases an adjustment retouch should be done. Retouch is made not less that a month after the primary procedure took place. The conditions of the process are similar to those of the primary procedure. During the retouch it is possible to fractionally change the tint or intensity of the color, according to customers desires. 

The following renovations of the color and form clarity are recommended to be done after 12 or 24 months. After several years has passed there is a possibility to newly correct the face features and create eyes, eyebrows or lips visual lifting. 

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