If you already have permanent make up, which you want to fix, come to consultation. I will try to help you. For every case there is correct decision: laser or chemical removal, camouflage, colour correction, laser colour correction and so on.


Consultation (explanations, trial impulses)10 Eur
One element (one eyebrow, top or bottom lip, eyelids endings)30 Eur
Two elements:
  • eyebrows or lips
  • full eyeliners

50 Eur
70 Eur

One small element (dots, contour parts, migration zones)15-20 Eur
Tattoos (depends on size)15 Eur/cm2
Pigment removal with RE remover remover (lips contour, eyebrows)60* Eur

 Price is shown for one treatment. For full pigment removal you may need several treatments with month and half break.

* after the treatment we sticktly recommend to purchase Stratamed (25€) or Stratacel (35€) gel for skin aftercare

Laser removal

Laser removal of permanent makeup is the impact of laser pulses on the under skin pigment. "Laser strike" provokes local temperature increasement and the pigment is destroyed. Then its decay products removed from the body by lymphatic system. Similarly, the laser operates at tattoos removal.
If you have a tattoo or permanent makeup which you do not like, and you want to get rid of it - "Center of professional micropigmentation" will help you.

Special laser system Nd: YAG Q-Swithed Laser (neodymium laser)
is used to remove low-quality permanent and tattoos. This laser allows quickly and efficiently remove dye from skin. Leaves no scars!

The laser has the following indications:

  •     Tattoos of different colors and the depth depigmentation
  •     Partial or complete removal of the pattern of permanent make-up, including anatomically difficult areas: eyelids, eyebrows, lips
  •     Correction of permanent makeup and tattoos
  •     Impregnation of the skin pigment particles as a result of injury or traumatic tattoos
  •     Red eyebrows correction (more details find here)

REJUVI removal

Rejuvi Removal technically is not a laser procedure. To be more precise - it is a unique chemical extraction process. The use of Rejuvi Removal emulsion is a permanent make up removal process employing permanent make up device. Rejuvi Removal suspension consists of metal oxides, which possess physical-chemical properties, similar to permanent make up pigments, thus they have good chemical bond and compatibility. Famous expression "like calls to like" depicts this principle in its fullest. When Rejuvi Removal emulsion comes into physical contact with pigments in the skin, the latter become gradually absorbed by the emulsion. Rejuvi Removal does not settle down in skin layers, as skin reflects and repulses emulsion particles. After permanent make up particles interconnect with Rejuvi Removal emulsion, the skin pushes the blend to the surface. A crust that protects the treated surface from external influence is formed.
Contraindications for Rejuvi Removal emulsion pigment extraction procedure are the same as contraindications for permanent make up procedure conduction (see "here").
Stages of the removal procedure:

  • The treatment itself (from 30 to 90 minutes).
  • Scab formation and drying. Takes from 7 to 14 days. During this stage it is very important to strictly observe after treatment care instructions, and not try to accelerate the process:
  • Do not wet the treated area (short-term contact with water is possible; afterwards you need to wipe the area with paper towel and let it dry on the fresh air). Do not allow the crust to become soft! It should not becomesticky due to humidity or steaming.
  • Avoid contact with soap or shampoo entirely.
  • Do not affect the crust mechanically (it is not allowed to scratch, rub or tear off the crust). Otherwise, this will increase the risk of scar tissue formation.
  • Very rarely smear the treated area with special cream given by the specialist.

 !!! Take into account that the scab may be quite thick and dark; there might be edema and swelling. It is recommended not to plan participation in public events during the two week period after the removal procedure !!!

  • Complete skin recovery. Takes from 1 to 3 months. During this period it is important to daily use special skin restoring creams, recommended by the specialist.

!!! Skin redness and light local swelling might occur after the skin comes off. There is nothing to get worried about, the skin will fully recover and go back to normal after some time !!!

  • Subsequent removal process can be conducted not earlier than 1,5 - 2 months.

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