We appreciate you visiting my web page, and thus this means that you have interest in the field of permanent make up and might consider a possibility to perform this wonderful procedure on yourself. It sure is a fantastic idea! Permanent make up has a load of advantages, but only in case when it is a QUALITATIVE PERMANENT MAKE UP!
My personal concern is to help you make the right choice. When one is not a professional, definite difficulties may happen while evaluating the quality of the procedure and choosing the right permanent make up specialist. What should one be oriented to? PLEASE, READ THE FOLLOWING TEXT TO THE END, AS IT IS CONTAINS VERY IMPORTANT INFORAMTION!
Internet is filled with various advertisements that offer permanent make up procedures on lips, eyebrows or eyes just for 50-70 €. For the most part these advertisements contain attached photos of the women who already agreed to the procedure. However, as a rule, these photos are either stolen from different web sites of qualified permanent make up specialists from all over the world, or have been edited and copied from promotional sites and photoshoots. Works reflected on the photographs are shamelessly issued as their own by the false masters. While looking at the beautiful picture, most people get attracted by the expected final result and unreasonably low price!
Do you know how much does one procedure of laser removal procedure cost? The price is starting from 45 € for one session. However, you might need up to 2 or 5 sessions to get rid of the defective permanent make up. When you save your money once, later on you will regret it a lot, and I am saying this based on my experience on various correcting procedures.
Qualitative make up can not cost 50 €. First of all, quality is the gained experience of the permanent make up specialist, constant improvement of the necessary equipment and dyes, certain investments in the hygiene and safeness of the work place, a number of DISPOSABLE supplies, the rent of a suitable accommodation, and last but not the least, the amount and payment of the taxes. All this factors form an average cost of the procedure that includes your GUARANTEED SATISFACTION WITH THE QUALITY AND SAFETY. It is also impossible to compare this to the cosmetology services and face beauty procedures. Cleansing, massage and a mask will cost approximately 30 €, but the effect is far from the long lasting. Remember, that once you invest in the permanent make up, you will admire the final results for a great while. It is a long term investment to your own face, and to your everyday mood and performance.
Unfortunately, the high price is not always a guarantee for quality. That is why, the second point you should pay your attention to – is a considerable number of the photos of the procedures performed by a certain specialist. They should all be made in the same style, and you should really like them! Photographs with just finished and still swollen eyes and lips, as well as freshly made black eyebrows do not count as a successful work. Photos should show healed faces, depicting the real truthful result, as the healed permanent make up may differ from the one that was just made, in form, colour and intensity.
The third important moment I would like to draw your attention to is the ESTETICS OF THE PATTERN. The pattern of the eyebrows, lips, or arrows on the eye lids should stay in the harmony with the proportions of the whole face. In the ideal case the pattern is blended with features of the face and is not eye-catching and extra-bright. It is not decorative and ornamental, and definitely not seen from the distance, as a visual irritator for people around.
Classical eyebrow form of natural width and shade fits absolutely everyone. The brightest example and proof of this fact - is the history of the classical fine art and sculpture. Can you imagine Venus with black eyebrows-threads that go all the way up to the far perspective of the temporal part of the face? Or can you imagine her with the dark lip outline that is made considerably higher than the actual natural lip line?
I will give you several examples of how the qualitative permanent make up should not look like.

Specialists should learn to feel the pattern of the face. Even when having an inborn talent, famous artists spend years acquiring the tiniest details of the craft in schools and academies. Isn’t it wonderful that after you will perform the permanent make-up procedure, you will receive compliments: “You look amazing, but what has changed? What have you done?” Permanent make up refines, rejuvenates, and thus remains invisible to others.