•  This is a wonderful opportunity to receive a professional consultation even before the procedure. As if “trying on” the potential make-up will help to visualize how your face can be transformed by a micropigmentation specialist, who knows the principles and peculiarities of creating a literate pattern.


  • This long-lasting make-up will allow you to save a lot of time, that can be an essential factor for active and business people.


  • The multi-purpose nature of this make-up will let its owner look faultlessly in all circumstances – on the beach, in gymnasium or swimming pool. Make-up has become a mandatory thing in a modern woman’s outer appearance, so micropigmentation is particularly important for represenatives of those professions that require the presence of ideal everyday make-up.


  • As the pigmented zones tend to fade and lose primary brightness in the course of time, a possibility of modifying the intensity and form takes place, which allows customer to experiment alongside with the development and changes in his style and taste. 


  • Micropigmentation may be extremely important to elderly people, who sometimes face the difficulty in drawing fair and straight lines. Anti-aging methods of the given technology will assist in looking noticeably younger and more attractive.


  • Micropigmentation allows to correct and adjust unaesthectic appearance changes (scars, rumens), giving customers not only estethic beauty and satisfaction, but also providing indirect psyshological help.

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