Can you make your lips bigger with permanent make-up only?

An interesting photo on the cover of the March issue of Hair and Beauty magazine caught my eye and I wanted to tell you something interesting about permanent lip makeup. More precisely about the subtleties of the preliminary sketch.

Question: Is it possible to visually increase the volume of lips with the help of permanent makeup?

Answer: Yes, it is possible, but at the same time, the drawing should not go beyond the perimeter of the labial roller.

What does it mean?

In fact, our natural lip volume is larger than it looks. This visual deception in the direction of reduction is due to the fact that the red tint of the lip is not located on their entire surface, but is concentrated inside and is almost absent in the corners of the mouth and along the border in the transition zone.

The transition zone is a special place where normal facial skin mutates and becomes the skin of the lip. The transition zone is usually not colored and has a light shade (lighter than facial skin). Therefore, by drawing a preliminary sketch, you can paint over the transition zone and thereby visually increase the volume of the lips. It will look natural and natural. To do this, you can use colors that are as close to natural as possible. Dark pigments usually “eat up” the volume, so it is recommended to use them on relatively large lips.

But some masters of permanent make-up make a gross mistake and draw a preliminary sketch of the lips, going beyond the perimeter of the labial roller. It is strictly forbidden to cross the border of the labial cushion for the following reasons.

  • The skin of the transition zone has a higher density than the skin of the face and lips and therefore it is more difficult to stain and fixes color worse. There is a risk of getting different shades along the perimeter of the overcoat.

  • The transition zone is the most convex part of the lip from which the incident light is reflected. We almost always see reflected light in the form of a white line above the lip. Sometimes this line is additionally strengthened by highlighting with white pigment to give extra volume to the upper lip. This technique can be used for both women and men. But even under the condition of professional painting beyond the borders of the transition zone and along it, natural light will be reflected from the transition zone and give out your secret of the unnaturalness of the volume.

  • The retention time of the pigment in the skin of the lips and face is different, which subsequently leads to uneven fading of the picture
  • It is also incorrect to go beyond the boundaries of the natural volume on only one side to correct asymmetries. This will only emphasize this drawback.

Now it becomes clear why, by drawing lips beyond the boundaries of your natural volume, you make a mistake. If you still want to enlarge your lips, it is best to first do a professional permanent makeup, and then lip contour with hyaluron injections.

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