New permanent make up and micropigmentation center PM LABORATORY in Riga

The PM LABORATORY Center for Professional Micropigmentation has recently opened, but do not be confused by this fact, since its head Nadezhda Holdernikele and all the masters of this center worked for the well-known company RMS, the founder of which was also Nadezhda Holdernikele. That is, it can be considered that this is a well-known and well-established company in Latvia for a long time, and the joint experience of the craftsmen working with us is more than 50 years.

PM LABORATORY specialists are knowledgeable in all modern permanent makeup techniques, both decorative and medical.

Decorative permanent makeup includes:

• Permanent eyebrow makeup. Techniques: powdery, hairy, combined (hairs with shading). We do not deal with the manual method of performing permanent makeup - microblading, since this method in most cases is not suitable for the skin of customers in this region, and may also leave scars after repeated repetition, but thin and beautiful hairs can also be drawn using the hardware method, which confirms the gallery of works on our website Cost from 200 to 300 €
• Permanent eye makeup. Techniques: filling the inter-eyelash zone (suitable for both women and men), classic arrows of any thickness, plain or color shading, brightening the inner corner of the eye, combined arrows with shading. At the consultation, a specialist will definitely recommend and select the appropriate shape for the arrow and the technique of performing permanent eye makeup. Cost from 100 to 350 €
• Permanent lip makeup. Techniques: lipstick, watercolor, nude effect, easy color filling, highlighting over the lip to add volume. Cost from 200 to 300 €
• Camouflage bruising under the eyes. Micropigmentation allows you to correct for a very long time the problem of dark circles around the eyes. The lightest pigment, matched to a light skin color, is applied in layers to the dark pigmentation zone. Particles of white pigment reflect light and make the defect of dark pigmentation less noticeable and replace cosmetic concealers. Cost 500 € (for three procedures).
• BB GLow procedure. The procedure is aimed at equalizing complexion. This is a cosmetological mesotherapeutic procedure carried out by a cosmetologist in our center. Cost from 90 to 120 €
• Micropigmentation for men. This can be the restoration of the eyebrow pattern in the hair technique for patients with alopecia (complete absence of hair), filling of the interciliary space, restoring the natural color of the lips, etc.
• Correction of poor-quality permanent makeup. We use several methods for correction: laser removal and removal using removers (the so-called chemical removal). Over the years, we have accumulated vast experience in corrections and can help in any even the most difficult case. The cost of laser removal is from 20 to 70 euros per zone.

Most of our work is occupied by the so-called medical micropigmentation.
Paramedical micropigmentation:

• The masters of our center are FREE to help women who have undergone mastectomy (surgery to remove a breast cancer). We visually recreate a three-dimensional drawing of the areola of the breast, which completely imitates a real nipple.
• Camouflage of skin pigmentation defects such as vitiligo (areas of depigmented skin on any part of the body), scars (post-traumatic or post-operative, after cosmetic surgeries for breast lift, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, etc.), stretch marks . The cost of paramedical procedures is 100 euros / hour.

Additionally, in our center you can do such popular procedures as:

• Correction and dyeing of eyebrows with paint or henna
• Lamination of eyelashes YUMI LASHES (curler)
• Lamination of eyebrows YUMI BROWS

The specialists of our center are happy to welcome you to consultations and procedures. There is a large free parking at your disposal. We are located in the premises of the BOLERO shopping center (near the SPICA shopping center).

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