Unprecedented 50% discounts for new and touch up treatments (till 31.05.2020)


Our dear friends, dear customers. We, the professional micropigmentation center PM LABORATORY continue to work as usual. Of course, this time can hardly be called usual, and all of us are affected by the changes taking place in the world. Therefore, we decided to announce an unprecedented action to support our loyal as well as new customers! We will overcome the crisis together and remain beautiful!

BEFORE THE END OF SPRING (until 05/31/2020) we give a 50% discount on new procedures and touch-up procedures for the masters Ksenia Kalashnik, Inga Derzhnikele and Linda Zvirbule!


EYEBROWS: 75-100€ (Linda Zvirbule), 100 - 125€ (Ksenia Kalashnik, Inga Derzhnikele)

LIPS: 100€ (Linda Zvirbule), 125 € (Ksenia Kalashnik, Inga Derzhnikele)

EYES: 50-125€ (for all masters, depending on the technique)

And also, if you are already our customer, we offer a discount on refreshment treatments! Now the renewal of ANY zone will cost ONLY 70 €!

And if you wanted to fix low-quality permanent makeup, then there is good news for you too. Now the procedure for laser removal of eyebrows or lips costs 35 € (instead of 50 €).

We are all concerned about the ongoing changes, but what remains the same for us is the concern for the health of our customers. We ALWAYS observed 100% hygiene and aseptic conditions and more than once received the highest mark from the sanitary inspection. We work one on one with the client in the beauty cabin, we use disinfectants and extra precautionary measures for cleaning the premises and ALWAYS use disposable personal protective equipment - gloves, masks, hats and coatings for clients and couches.

We respect the opinions of everyone and those who during this period decided not to attend salons. We also morally support those who, due to personal circumstances, are now in quarantine. We will be waiting for you and you will not miss our offer!

Call and come to the procedure. We are always waiting for you and take care of you!

☎ +371-25161060
📧 info@pm-lab.lv
🏢 Lielirbes 27, Bolero shopping center, 2.stāvs


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