Permanent make up for lower eyelids

Eyelid permanent make up final result remains on the skin for a very long time. If you are willing to remove it due to various reasons, it is quite impossible to wait for it to fade, and it becomes necessary to resort to a laser or chemical removal procedure. That is why eyelid permanent make up should be performed with special care, considering its endurance factor. It is quite significant to cover the aspect of a lower eyelid permanent make up.

Let’s sort out, whether it is suitable for everyone.
First of all, I would like to remind you that permanent make up does not replace decorative make up, but serves as its base. Therefore, do not be upset if micropigmentation specialist refuses to model lower eyelid eyeliner arrows, which you have been drawing with an eye pencil for many years. With the help of micropigmentation procedure on the lower eyelid it is recommended to create only the effect of more densely growing eyelashes (usually in the external one third of the eye).

It is better not to perform permanent make up procedure on the lower eyelid if:

  • The eye shape is “lowered”, when the external corner of an eye is located lower than the internal. In this case, the lower line will visually make your eye too “sad”
  • The eye itself is not quite big, or is too “deep-set”. The lower line will visually reduce the eye size even more and aggravate the problem of “deep-set” eyes.
  • You have inherently fair eyelashes. The drawn line will seem darker than your natural eyelashes, which will inevitably give out its “artificiality”                         .    
  • You are older than 30 years. In the eye area, all age based changes are especially noticeable. By using concealers under our eyes in our daily make up routine and brightening orbital area, we are visually reducing wrinkles and swelling, and making our eyes look younger. Excessive dark lines under the lower eyelashes will only highlight these imperfections. Even make up artists do not recommend using a dark mascara for the lower eyelashes for a daytime make up, as it visually increases the age of a person. Often women of respectable age make a fundamental mistake by densely dyeing the lower eyelid with an eye pencil. By no means this is making your eyes look younger or larger, on the contrary, it only emphasizes the skin ptosis (lowering, sagging). Remark! Quite often when clients come to us to renew their permanent make up, we advise them to perform a laser removal procedure of a lower eyelid permanent make up. Your look becomes more open and young, which is later happily noticed by our clients.
  • The specialist does not have enough experience. The area of a lower eyelid is not easy to work with, as it is difficult to use anesthetics because of the risk of them getting in the eyes. Also it is hard to make thin, delicate and symmetric lines due to the inconvenient area visibility. You can entrust this delicate work only to an experienced specialist.

You can perform the lower eyelid permanent make up procedure if:

  • You have almond-shaped eyes - when the external eye corner is higher than the internal.
  • You have sufficiently dark lower eyelashes.
  • You are a representative of a strongly marked extravagant style vector and your daily make up is vivid and bright.                                                                                  

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