Delete it!

Unfortunately, not all micropigmentation masters can perform modern techniques of permanent makeup. For example, the hair technique requires to have artistic skills, experience and patience, as this is highly accurate and complex, one might say, jewelry work. Therefore, many masters choose the path of least resistance and practice only uniform filling techniques.

The work of such masters often looks rude and unnatural and the only desire of the client is to wipe such permanent makeup from his face! We must help such customers!

In most cases, laser removal is the most optimal and effective solution to the problem. The laser light of a neodymium laser strongly heats the pigment and crushes it into small particles, which subsequently exit through the lymphatic system. The pigment is removed gradually and in layers, and often to completely remove low-quality permanent makeup, you need to carry out many procedures. Only then can we begin to draw new beautiful and light eyebrows (with hair by hair techniques for example).

The number of removal procedures depends on:

Pigment density

Pigment depths

Pigment colors

Skin conditions in the zone

PM LABORATORY specialists have been engaged in laser removal for more than 12 years. Trust in our experience! It's time to get rid of the annoying permanent make up.

Before the procedure, consultation is necessary!

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