Artistic tattoo in PM Laboratory

If you for a long have thought about getting a tattoo, but were afraid:

1. That you will be shy of a male tattoo artist

2. That the tattoo artist may not understand your idea

3. That the procedure will take place in a salon where hygiene and asepsis may not be respected.

4. That the process will hurt you, because in tattoo technicians do not use anesthesia

now you can drop all your fears and doubts and come to our center for a tattoo! Because we have a tattoo artist Ksenia Kalashnik.

She delicately and with understanding refers to your ideas and any fantasies. She is very scrupulous in matters of hygiene and in the end - she is a very good and versatile professional artist.

We invite you to consultation with Ksenia, where you can discuss the sketch, stages of work and the cost of the drawing. The price depends on amount of work - 50€/ per hour. 

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